2.3 Reaping Personal Benefits

“I just want to keep doing stuff’“, said Ruth Harrison, co-researcher. Being actively involved throughout the lifetime of this project has brought significant personal impacts for the group of older minoritised people who have been co-researchers on CTC for the last two and a half years. To the right is a series of quotes from one-to-one interviews that bring to the fore some of the transformations, small and large, that have resulted from exploring creativity, voice and cultural participation. Co-designing brought some co-researchers enhanced wellbeing: social connection, a feeling of being heard, respected and valued, and last but not least, lots of fun. For the research team too, the project has had both personal and career impact, particularly for early career researchers. Alice Willatt is going on to a post at Oxford University, Tot Foster is now the Principal Investigator on two small projects: “I have learned so much about what it means to be a researcher and working closely with the co-researchers has shown me the importance of always being conscious of my own identity and my own experiences.” For Nick Gray, CTC has enabled him to bridge the gap from a PhD researcher to fully-fledged research team member: “Meeting our co-researchers and presenting theses impact stories have given me a fantastic insight into the range and scope of a major research project.”