3.2 Evolving Creative Collectives

This wallhanging was stitched together by co-researcher Fanny Eaton-Hall who has a long-standing passion for textiles. The patches were made by co-researchers and research team members towards the end of the project, as creative responses to their personal involvement with CTC.  The short poem here was written by the online poetry group of co-researchers, which has met sporadically for the last two years. Throughout the project there have been opportunities to find shared enthusiasms and build connections through creative action, for example some of the workshops along the way have been run by co-researchers themselves. There is a huge amount of untapped knowledge and creativity within older people that could be mobilised for collective benefit – in a small way, this is what the wallhanging was doing – helping us all to feel part of, and take ownership of, a bigger endeavour: a community.    

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