Digital Adventures

Co-Researcher Perspective: “Digital Adventures”

By Jeanne Ellin, 20th April 2022

Editor Note: In this short blog post, one of our fantastic co-researchers, Jeanne Ellin, shares her perspective of becoming a co-researcher. Jeanne asks us to walk with her as she embarks on her new digital adventures…  

Initially as a semi-literate computer user I was a bit daunted by the idea of being a co-researcher; comparable to a reader pushing their finger along under newspaper headlines and sounding the words. With no academic experience or credentials this was a wonderful and scary chance. The first time I was involved with being part of a digital conversation I was thrilled. Being an older woman with isolating disabilities this was an opportunity to be part of a different community. So many new possibilities opened up and I greedily tried them all. Being part of different conversations, feeling I was contributing meeting new people all were so enriching. I felt welcomed and heard. I began an online poetry group and have moved towards a future Facebook group for those interested in poetry. I have needed and received a lot of support and feel I am learning so many new things. I am eagerly looking forward to the Van Gogh exhibit which we are visiting as a group. The enduring wonders of Art and Nature enhanced and expanded when these digital resources come into play. Virtual reality beckons… who knew there was still so much to experience and explore for a woman of limited mobility. I am wondering what else I might learn better more efficient ways to write, painting digitally? Creating an interactive picture book for children? These dreams are shaped by my wishes ambitions and experiences but there are a vast range of others. New skills and experience could widen and brighten the lives of many older and disabled people. I look forward to them being available to more individuals.