Expressive Pockets

Introducing Expressive Pockets

Embellishing fabrics as a medium to express identity as we age; sharing life stories through making.

An accessible, enjoyable hands-on textiles experience, using readily available tools to encourage deep conversation about identity and ageing, with an end product of an ‘Expressive Pocket’ for participants to share.

A conversation is stimulated by kicking off with a provocation or theme.   “Age Rebellion” drew on the idea of Craftivism, gentle protest and activism.  It was rich and useful, but also highlighted the different impact words can have, illustrating the need for care in codesign; for some participants the word `rebellion’ was culturally and emotionally challenging. We aim to develop a process, with helpful assets such as video demonstrations, walk throughs, flow charts and Miro boards, that organisations can use as an activity to make sociable connections and wide-ranging social impacts. With funding we plan to develop Expressive Pockets, developing a hybrid experience that connect people to places, materials and histories to build new relationships and projects going forwards.  

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