Knowle West Media Centre Workshop Series: Inspire

Knowle West Media Centre Workshop Series: Inspire

By Tot Foster, 2nd May 2022

In the first of a several part series, we take you inside our workshops at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC). The workshops aimed to support our co-researcher group to develop creative confidence and experience moving from concept ideation to low-fidelity prototype construction, as well as provide opportunities for them to experience an array of contemporary technologies.The workshops were designed by Jess Linington and Fiona Dowling from KWMC, in partnership with the Connecting Through Culture team and Malcolm Hamilton. The four workshops were hosted in weekly increments at the KWMC Factory space, and included an in-person and hybrid in-person/remote series.  

In this first video, a group of our in-person co-researchers (Elanora, Ruby, Ralph, Fanny and Ruth) provide an insight into the workshops in their own words!  

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