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Old Punks

Punk Reunion

For example, Roland and Fanny made a video together that was inspired by the fact that they turned out to share a past. They met in the context of this art project and soon discovered that they both had a past as punks. For me, the punk movement stands for, among other things, young, unruly and militant. Do not use terms that you associate with the elderly. In 1977, the Sex Pistols released “God Save the Queen.” If you were 25 then, you’re 71 now. Old punks are a reality.

Old and Militant

But in Helen and Tot’s project there was one lady who was perhaps even more punk than Roland and Fanny. I don’t know whether Elanora was a punk at the time, but she is certainly contradictory, militant and, in her own way, absolutely young. With her pink hair and her ‘in your face’ provocative attitude, she rebels against “the beige”, which stands for all the things you are expected to do, not do, be and not be as an older person. Elanora doesn’t want to garden or knit, she doesn’t want reading glasses and a stand-up chair, or an unadventurous holiday with a boat on a river. Elanora lives life full throttle, with her hair on fire and everyone can see it, whether you feel like it or not. So cool. She points out that we need to adapt our images of the elderly and, by extension, our policies, our technology and our products for the elderly. And maybe some things should just go in the trash. To put it in music terms: it’s not Vera Lynn and Edith Piaff anymore. They are the Beatles and the Stones and now also the Clash and the Sex Pistols. Very different music, for very different people. And we will increasingly have to adapt our policy, our care and our technology to this.

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