The project prototypes

Following a 6-month period of preparation and a year-long stage of delivery, our six prototype teams have now exhibited their work at our Project Showcase.

These projects are the result of a process of co-design including Connecting Through Culture co-researchers, creative technologists, artists, designers and our charity and community partners. Get a taste of each of the six prototypes through these films, made by CTC researcher Tot Foster, and explore them further by clicking the link below the video.

Prototype Films

Tabletop Travels

Team: Jeanne Ellin, George Densley, Natalie Ward, Clare Finnimore, Kalpna Woolf
Critical Friends: Abas Kulmiye, Erica Harrison
Partners: Alive Activities, 91 Ways, Paul Macmahon, Stand + Stare

Expressive Pockets

Team: Fanny Eaton-Hall, Carmen Groves, Malcolm Hamilton, Annie Lywood, Becca Rose, Dani Hale
Critical Friends: Ruby Bennett, Lisa Wan, Amy Lo, Erica Harrison
Partners: KWMC

Retirement Reloaded

Team: Elanora Ferry, Liz Clarke, George Densley, Barney Heywood, Lucy Heywood
Critical Friends: Jeanne Ellin, Malcolm Hamilton, Karen Harvey 
Partners: Alive Activities, Stand + Stare, Rosi Tooth

Recycle City

Team: Ruth Harrisson, Rebecka Fleetwood-Smith, Erica Harrison, Lucie Martin-Jones Jones, Barney Heywood, Lucy Heywood, Cora Fern, Stefan Boakye, Lizzie Hawthorn
Critical Friends: Jeanne Ellin, Malcolm Hamilton, Karen Harvey 
Partners: Stand + Stare, Zubr, WECIL, Trinity Centre, Uni of Bristol Micro-Campus, Alive Gardening


nothing about us without us

Team: Chloe Meineck, Raquel Meseguer Zafe, Graham Jonson, Shrouk El-Attar, Hughie Carroll
Partners: Bristol Older People’s Forum

Anyone Remember The Washhouse?

Team: Ros Martin, Gill Greenwood, Doreen Baidoo, Pauline Glanville, Silu Pascoe, Pam Laudat, Dr Mary Phipps and Belinda French
Tech Team: Mike Stuart, pedda Borowski